Fractional Marketing Lead for Tech Builders & Agencies

A remote marketing expert for hire, capable of planning, executing, and optimizing marketing projects on a part-time or contract basis.

Scott Batchelor, a fractional lead for hire. A white man in his 20s, with brown hair and blue eyes.

I spent over a decade climbing the agency ladder in the UK. Now, I collaborate with businesses on a part-time or contract basis, delivering a lean, full-stack marketing solution.

When asked what I do, I describe myself as a “marketing Swiss army knife.” With a background in creative production and a passion for data-driven campaigns, I bridge the gap between execution and strategy, driving end-to-end results.

I work remotely for the freedom it offers. As a full-time digital nomad, I’ve been traveling for over three years. Discover how I balance work and travel in my guide to working with me.

Recently, I have been working with:

  • X-Team, a talent-on-demand agency providing experienced engineers for companies like Riot Games and Twitch.
  • XWP, a leading enterprise WordPress agency behind websites like Rolling Stone and Vice.
  • Scale Consortium, an initiative by the top five WordPress agencies to promote the platform’s role in enterprise spaces.

Take your marketing ops
to the next level 🚀

Services that move the needle on your goals, tailored to your individual business needs.


Create robust foundations with thorough planning and strategic insights.

  • Campaign Planning: Develop detailed plans based on real-world data to guide your marketing efforts.
  • Content Strategy: Map out a strategic approach for creating and distributing impactful content.
  • Consultancy: Not sure where to start? Let’s build a roadmap for success.


Implement your strategies effectively to engage your audience and drive results.

  • Case Study Creation: Showcase success stories that highlight your brand’s value.
  • Blog Post Creation: Write compelling blog posts that attract and retain readers.
  • Event Coverage: Capture and share key moments from your events to extend their reach.


Enhance and refine your output to improve performance and achieve your goals.

  • Content Maintenance: Regularly update and improve content to maintain SEO performance.
  • Technical SEO Audits: Identify and fix technical issues affecting your site’s visibility.
  • Search Analytics: Track and analyze search data to optimize your SEO efforts.

Favourite Posts

I’ve got some flash new case studies on the way! In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite posts.




Hear what my clients have to say

From small businesses to global brands, hear from the people who have worked with me in the past.

Scott is a multi-talented marketer who fits in perfectly within a growing business, being able to work both creatively and analytically to deliver results.

Phil Cabra-Netherton

Scott’s personality and ease to talk with anyone makes him a great conduit for curating the stories from our team, gleaning insights from engineers and project managers to anchor his independent research.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our strategic conversations and seeing his quick growth when it comes to positioning stories to benefit XWP, our partners, and most importantly our clients and their stakeholders.

Michelle Keefer

Scott is a force. I’ve watched him take rough outlines and loose ideas and turn them into industry-impacting thought leadership pieces. He’s action-oriented, able to manage a busy editorial calendar, and a humble team player.

Lance Robbins

The way Scott masters his role is a skill you can’t learn. You either have it or you don’t.

I would either hire Scott or work with him again on a team any day and without a second thought.

Carole Olinger

Frequently asked questions

Looking for clarification? Browse my FAQ’s or contact me directly for a response within 48 hours.

Pricing and payments

What is a fractional Marketing Lead?

A Fractional Marketing Lead is a part-time marketing hire who provides strategic leadership without the commitment or cost of a full-time position. They work with multiple clients, bringing senior expertise to each project they work on.

Marketing leads are a great way of bridging the gap between execution and strategy, often being experienced in both planning and content creation.

How do I know if my business needs a Marketing Lead?

If your business wants to improve its marketing output but doesn’t have the resoruces for a full department, or you want to augment your existing team with part-time experienced talent, a fractional marketing lead might be the right choice for you.

How flexible is an engagement with you?

Engagements are highly flexible, ranging from a few hours per week to 160 hours per month, depending on your business needs and project requirements.

Which hours do you work?

My working hours are flexible to allow overlap with your team. You can learn more about my working style in working with me.

Do you use AI in your work?

Yes, I integrate AI tools into my workflow to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. It helps speed up repetitive or time-intensive tasks enabling me to create a significant impact, even on a part-time basis.

That being said, AI is tool for productivity, not a replacement for hard work. When it comes to creative direction, strategic planning, and nuanced decision-making, a human element is still crucial to achieving exceptional results.